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1. Shipping:

Ship any method you want USPS, UPS or FedEx. 


2.  Payment Options: 

A. Enclose a personal check with tire-shipment!

B. We can send you a Paypal Invoice to your email address, so please provide an email address.


3.  Things to Remember:

A. Please enclose all contact information with your shipment of tires - Telephone number, Email address, and Shipping/Return Address!!

B. Please tell us exactly what you need to be done:

- Base Tape Only (Please mark outside box/envelope "BASE TAPE ONLY."

- New Tube (Our re-tube job includes Base Tape)

- Types of Tubes - Continental Supersonic Tubes or 80mm Valve Length - add $5 per tire.

4. Your Own Tube:

If you'd like to provide your own tube, please enclose it with your tire. We will install it for $28 for one and $26 each for two or more.

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